Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Boyfriend Hasn't Called Me in Six Days...

Dear Portland,

My boyfriend of a year hasn't called in six days and I have no idea why. Usually it has something to do with him being mad at me or something along those lines, other times its just him being busy, but even then he'll call after just a couple of days. The last time we talked was when he told me that we couldn't get together on New Years Eve, and I was pretty upset about it for a while but got over it quickly.

Like I said, usually if he's acting like this, I know the reason or have a pretty good idea but as of right now, I ‘m COMPLETELY in the dark and totally confused. Should I wait for him to call me, which might be never, depending on why he’s mad (if he's mad), or should I wait for a certain length of time and call him?

In The Dark

Dear In The Dark,

Let me open the curtains for you!

This guy is much to "suspect" to have the title of “boyfriend” in your life. It seems very possible that he picks fights with you to make it easier for him to go missing in action (e.g.. New Year’s Eve), then come around when he wants or has time.

This guy is showing all the signs that he’s either crazy, dating someone else, married or more recently…dead!

I suggest one of the following:

If he’s alive, when he does call, ask him to never call you again— then get a real boyfriend who appreciates you.

If he is dead—you should probably go to the funeral.

"100 Watt" Love, Portland

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